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Delete Flashcards While Reading

June 9, 2023

For a long time, learners on Readlang have been asking for an easy way to control which words get converted into flashcards and now it finally exists!

You can now enable “delete on deselect” in which words and phrases will be deleted from your account simply by clicking an extra time to hide them.

Delete on untranslate

  1. Click to open the sidebar
  2. Click On Deselect Word/Phrase -> Delete Flashcard
  3. Now, whenever you click on a translated word or phrase, you’ll see the translation get crossed out briefly before it disappears. At this point the word will be in your “Deleted” folder.

You can also change this setting directly from the Web Reader by from within its dropdown menu.

Let me know what you think! I might even make this the standard behavior going forward, so I’m particularly interested to know if anyone doesn’t like this mode.

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