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October 14, 2015

If you read a lot, you’ll appreciate the need to keep your language learning library in order. Readlang helps you by organizing your texts and videos into the following categories:

Private Texts Redesign

  1. Reading queue Texts you are currently reading, or waiting to read.
  2. Completed texts Celebrate your victories! Browse through this list and feel pround of what you’ve accomplished. The great part is, if you choose an old text to re-read, it will remind you how far you’ve progressed, as you breeze though a text you were previously struggling with.
  3. Abandoned texts Like Trash on Mac, or Recycle Bin on Windows, Abandoned texts will stay here until you decide to clear them out. I encourage you to abandon texts that are too difficult and move on to something more enjoyable. If you’re anything like me it’ll be hard to admit defeat, but often finding an easier, more interesting, or more enjoyable text will motivate you to learn faster.
  4. Shared texts All texts you shared publicly with the Readlang community will be listed here.

I hope you enjoy these features. If you have any comments or suggestions please make use of the Feedback Forum

Remember that building regular habits is the key to successful learning, so keep reading and practicing a little every day!

PS: This was launched back in June, but I was so busy working on other features I forgot to announce them on the blog. Oh well, better late than never!

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