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Chapters and Rich Formatting

April 15, 2015

Based on your feedback, Readlang has become a fully fledged eReader with the addition of chapter navigation, as well as bold and italics:

Chapter navigation

Quickly jump to any chapter with the navigation bar at the top of the reader page:

Chapter explorer on iPad

Chapter navigation while running as a full screen webapp on iPad

Add chapters and formatting to your texts

When editing plain text on the Upload Page or reader sidebar you can add special symbols (borrowed from Markdown) to mean the following:


Add ‘#’ or ‘##’ to the start of a line to make it a chapter or sub-chapter heading respectively:

A main chapter can be created by starting a line with ‘#’:

# This a chapter title

A sub-chapter can be created by starting a line with ‘##’:

## This is a sub-chapter title

Bold and italics

To add italic or bold words to your text, enclose them within ‘_’ or ‘__’ respectively, e.g.

For example, _this will be italic_.

In this sentence, __this will be bold__, isn't that pretty!

NOTE: one slight issue with the bold and italic formatting at the moment is that phrase translation won’t be able to span the boundary between italic and non-italic text. This is how the [Web Reader] has always worked and I haven’t found it to be annoying myself but if it is for you please let me know.

EPub import

The easiest way to load a fully formatted book into Readlang is to upload a DRM-free ePub. Simply visit the Upload Page, and click Choose File. You can now enjoy Readlang’s acclaimed reading aids for language learners, from a fully featured eReader.

PS: To encourage other Readlang improvements, please add your own ideas or vote on suggestions at the feedback forum.

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