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Tips to take charge of your vocabulary learning

April 23, 2014

Readlang now has a powerful new Words page:

This is a flexible tool to manage your vocabulary, whether you’re a hardcore language geek or simply looking for new ways to speed up your learning. Bear in mind that none of this is necessary to use Readlang, which you can very happily do using only the Library and Learn pages. The Words page is a great addition for those who want to take a more hands-on approach to their vocabulary learning.

Here are some useful tips for making the most of the Words page:

Review vocab after reading

The list is sorted to show your most recently added words first, so come here after a reading session to review the new words you’ve encountered, and either:

Cram study a list of favourite words for an upcoming trip or exam

Starred words are always prioritised highly on the learn page, but they still respect the spaced repetition algorithm, which is ideal for learning a large amount of words over a long time period. But sometimes you may want to study a bunch of words in a short time, which you can now do:

(If you have more than 25 words in your starred group, you will have to study the separate pages separately.)

Review your words before a flashcard session

To review those words queued up to enter the Learn page flashcards:

This allows you to review all words at a glance and delete or edit them before starting a flashcard session.

(Note: a flashcard session consists of the most useful words from both the Scheduled and Not Started groups. If you have a lot of useful scheduled words, you will need to practice these first before you see your new Not Started words.)

Export words to study in Anki, Quizlet or your other software of choice

Practice words from specific books

If you’re in the middle of reading a novel, you may want to concentrate on only learning vocabulary from that particular text. Focussing on these words should help you enjoy the rest of the novel more.

As soon as you have translated more than 10 words or phrases from the same text, it will appear in the sidebar below the other word groups.

Future possibilities

This redesign opens up possibilities for more cool features in future, such as:

What do you think? Do you find these new features useful? What would you like to see in future? Please leave your feedback and suggestions!

* Dictionaries and word frequency lists only available for some languages - list of language support.

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