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Click And Drag

July 1, 2013

Drag to Translate Phrases

People seem to like Readlang’s phrase translate feature, but having to click on each word separately was a bit tedious. Now a simple click and drag, or tap and swipe, will translate an entire phrase in one fell swoop:

What used to be complete drag, is now a simple… well, drag. (sorry!)

Phrase Length Limits

The phrase translate feature has proved very popular. But some people have been using it translate whole sentences, which wasn’t really it’s intention, so to keep my Google Translate bill under control, I’ve limited the phrase length to 8 words maximum.

Support Readlang

Also, as people continue to sign up for the beta, I need to ensure that the site is sustainable. To this end, phrase translation will be restricted to only 10 phrases per day for all new users. Or, for only $29.99 / year or $9.99 / 3 months, you can become a Readlang Supporter, which lets you:

This will allow more people into the beta test without endangering my finances. Even in it’s beta state Readlang has proven itself a very useful learning tool for myself and many others, I hope it will for you too.

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